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“I got a great casual experience, 1 on 1 attention, my teacher never made me feel stupid, and this is a great class for the price!  If you want a step-by-step process for doing great veneers, this is the course to take.  In fact, I will be taking the course again!

Wow was this veneer class awesome!  I the secrets revealed will clearly help me in the future.  I am really excited to start doing veneers in my practice.  I now have complete confidence with this cosmetic procedure.”

–Dr. Ron Mijewski

“My experience during prep weekend was absolutely excellent.  Overall, Total Advantage Live was a tremendous hands-on experience.  The structure of the class—watching a case be prepared and then preparing a case ourselves and a few weeks later watching a case be seated and then seating our case, proved to be IDEAL.  It will be very easy to utilize what I learned in this class since I have already used it under Dr. Engelberg’s supervision.

If you don’t do many veneer cases in your office, or you do some but want to skyrocket your skill level, this class is for you.  Under the tutelage of Dr. Engelberg and the world renowned ceramist Brad Jones, you will learn in a warm, friendly, non-stressful situation.  At the end of the program, you will seat your own case, knowing that it has “magazine cover” esthetics.  What a wonderful feeling!”

–Dr. Mark Lind

“Thank you so much for offering this course!  I think the combination of Brad’s dental laboratory expertise and Dr. Engelberg’s clinical expertise and clinical systems make this course very useful to me professionally.

I particularly appreciate the large number of cases on many different types of patients you have treated, Dr. Engelberg.  I also appreciate Brad Jones’ grasp of the esthetic requirements of preparation design and the detailed workup of the diagnostic models, preparation guide, temporary workup, and of course the final restorations.

Overall, the “Live Patient” experience is extremely valuable.”

–Dr. Douglas Anderson

“Dr. Engelberg, your showing us on both weekends was very helpful—you did a wonderful job and you were very supportive of each doctor no matter where they were in their journey.  I really enjoyed my time in this seminar, and my assistant really enjoyed spending time with the other assistants—especially Kasia and Gosia (they were fantastic).  This is one of the first courses that my assistant has participated in, and she LOVED IT!

I enjoyed the learning environment and helpful attitude of all.  Easy access to those teaching was very helpful.  The techniques taught take a lot of the anxiety out of the preparing and cementing of veneers for me.  Brent Engelberg was terrific in his preparation techniques and helpfulness.  Brad Jones and Mark Harper were not only helpful in our learning, but it also seemed they were open to learning from the doctors—which was a very nice collaboration as it should be.”

–Dr. John Workman

“Amazing hands-on cosmetic experience!  This course has brought me one step closer to being accredited through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Having the expertise of a master ceramist during the hands-on portion was invaluable.  Dr. Engelberg’s systematic approach to preparation and cementation of esthetic indirect restorations is highly predictable.  I would highly recommend this course!”

–Dr. Priya Tirumalasetty

Outstanding!  A unique opportunity to work closely with people who excel at preparing veneers.  Well organized and personal.  Dr. Engelberg, Brad, Gosia and the entire team made the experience great!  I would definitely recommend this course as a must for anyone placing veneers from the novice to the experienced clinician.  Overall an amazing course with clear goals met at both dates, and the content is current and relevant.  Dr. Engelberg is a gifted dentist and talented speaker, and Brad Jones was also great!

Dr. Engelberg’s case workup techniques and systems are presented in a clear and concise manner, and he articulates his methods for successful veneer preparation and placement.  Dr. Engelberg and Brad Jones pay special attention to the critical features of beautiful veneer design.  This course really teaches how to treat each component of veneers: tooth, tissue, materials, and of course the patient successfully and precisely every time.

–Dr. Peter Katris

Well organized, and I liked that it was a small group!  It is quite unbelievable to say that a stressful procedure like seating multiple porcelain veneers was made fun and in many ways easy, but I can truly say that after this weekend!  So many patients would benefit from veneers.  Dentists see these people every day, and a major reason this procedure is not done is the way we are presenting it to patients.  The other reason is that it is hard to present veneers and smile design to patients in a precise and predictable way.  You don’t learn just how to prep and seat, you learn how to work in a less stressful manner with a fantastic outcome!   Dr. Engelberg and Brad Jones have provided a way of making veneers more desirable to present and perform in a consistent manner.  I would highly recommend, and even say that this is a must for, any dentist take this course or any staff member for that matter that presents treatment options to their patients.

–Nisveta and Betty (Staff Members)

The lecture session was fun, informative, and clearly presented.  No “death by PowerPoint!”  This presentation was in a comfortable setting with an open, friendly atmosphere.  Every topic was well covered and discussion was productive and relaxed.  Dr. Engelberg’s sense of humor kept things fun.  As a dental technician, I was pleasantly received.  This being focused on dentist’s role in the restorative process, I wasn’t expecting as much useful input on the laboratory role.  I was wrong!  I had several perspectives to aid my case planning.  I will refer several of my clients to take your next course!

–Mr. Andy Becker, Satisfaction Dental Laboratories

Outstanding presentation and learning opportunity for preparing veneers with the very latest in technology.  An excellent course.

–Medora (Staff Member)

Thank you!  This was an outstanding course to build confidence in veneer restorations!  It was great having both Brent and Brad looking over my shoulder and giving feedback as I prepped.

–Dr. Taylor Workman

Very informative.  I got a lot of knowledge from both Brent and Brad.  The system of smile design to preparation to temporization and lab communication is the best and most predictable method I have learned.  I learned a great system of cosmetic dentistry delivery, and picked up a few great jems to add to my practice.  Every dentist providing cosmetic dentistry to their patients should enroll into the TAL seminar.  Dr. Engelberg and Brad Jones have the best method of delivering predictable and beautiful smiles.  And the amazing thing is—it’s not hard!  Their system is simple in design and makes common sense.

–Dr. Edward Mameril

Lecture was fantastic, both Brent and Brad were great at conveying their enthusiasm for the subject—along with their expertise of the subject matter.  I am not blowing smoke, this is an excellent course providing systematic step by step approach to functional and esthetic outcomes.  Very informative!  Do you love dentistry?  Would you like to re-awaken your enthusiasm for changing people’s lives?  Dr. Engelberg and Brad Jones systematic approach to achieving natural smile enhancement is filled with pearls and lively with interaction!

–Mr. Michael Lawler, Komet USA

The lecture portion was relaxed, yet very informative for me.  This is a very comprehensive course that heavily involves the lab technician.  Natural results are achieved because of patient involvement in the restorative process.

–Mr. James Rottar, Patterson Dental