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Who should take this course?

-Any dentist who desires a systematic approach to smile design and cosmetic dentistry.  Total Advantage Live is the only course of its kind—empowering dentists to learn in a non-threatening atmosphere with a world-class ceramist and clinical mentors in lecture, over-the-shoulder, and live patient situations, culminated by a team and patient photo shoot.  Younger dentists will be on a fast track to smile design after taking the course, and experienced dentists will appreciate the techniques the course has to offer, along with top notch clinical “boutique” outcomes.  State of the art preparation and prep-less preparation techniques are taught along with the most aesthetic and high-strength material options available today.

How many days is the course?

-The course spans 4 days over 2 weekends.  Fridays are lecture and clinical observations, while Saturdays are full days where the attendees complete their cases.

Why is the course two weekends?

-The restorations are made by Brad Jones, F.A.A.C.D. in his laboratory “Smiles, Inc.” in Boise, Idaho.  To ensure that each restoration is given the time and attention it needs and that every patient has a flawless case, it is imperative to give Mr. Jones several weeks to complete the cases.  In addition, the cases are successful, in part, because of the analysis of the provisional (temporary) restorations done after the first weekend is completed.

Who is Brent Engelberg?

-Brent Engelberg is a dentist committed to comprehensive adult cosmetic and restorative dentistry throughout Chicago and the Chicago suburbs.  His private dental practice in Arlington Heights, Illinois, provides high quality restorative dentistry ranging from simple cases to complex full mouth rehabilitation—all done with the most ideal cosmetic outcome in mind.  See Dr. Engelberg’s bio.

Who is Brad Jones?

-Brad Jones is one of the elite dental technicians in the world.  He is recognized among his peers as a leader in cosmetic dentistry—and teaches them about the latest materials used to create beautiful smiles.  Brad is currently one of only four ceramists in the world to hold a fellowship in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.  See Mr. Jones’ bio.

What is an ideal patient?

-An ideal patient for Total Advantage Live is a patient in your practice who needs anterior cosmetic dentistry.  The less dentistry the patient currently has on their upper front teeth, the better the case selection.  This patient must understand that this is a teaching course, and other dentists and team members will be participating in their case—which is a great thing!  The most common patients are either within your practice or a staff member who would benefit from cosmetic dentistry.

What do I need to bring to the course?

-Dr. Engelberg will provide everything you need for the course except protective eyewear for you, your staff members, and your patient.  If you wear loupes or magnification, you will need to bring them to the course.  Dental supplies, equipment, and laboratory needs will be taken care of by Dr. Engelberg throughout the course.

What is the cost of the course?

-The course has only two fees, one is tuition to Total Advantage Live, and the other is to Smiles, Inc. for the restorations.  Click here to see the registration information for the next course.

Should I bring my staff members to the course?

-To have success with this type of dentistry, it is imperative that your staff be aware of and understand this type of dentistry.  The course requires that you have at least one dental assistant (in addition to the doctor and patient), however it is strongly recommended that you bring additional staff members: front desk and administrative team members, dental hygiene personnel, and additional assistants.  Additional dentists may also attend for a substantially reduced “audit” tuition only.

Do I receive continuing education hours for this course?

-Yes!  This course is approved for 42 hours of continuing education credits through the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).  Of this number, 18 credits are classified as participation.  Total Advantage Live will submit the hours on your behalf at the conclusion of the course, and you will receive a diploma.